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The Best Casino Games For Beginners

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When visiting a casino for the first time, the sheer variety of games can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, many are easy to pick up and play quickly.

Blackjack, craps, baccarat and roulette are among the easiest casino games for newcomers to learn how to play. They’re straightforward with a high chance of success.

Video poker

If you’re searching for an easy casino game with a low house edge, video poker should be on your list of possibilities. Plus, it’s an excellent opportunity to learn the game without needing too much time and money invested in it.

Slot machines depend on luck and can be hit or miss, while video poker provides a reliable return on investment. This is because you can calculate your chances of winning and use strategy to boost those odds.

Video poker machines with high payout percentages offer attractive winning combinations. Nonetheless, you should be mindful of the house edge and avoid strategies that could reduce your winnings.


Blackjack is a timeless casino game that’s easy to learn and enjoyable to play. With one of the lowest house edges in all games, blackjack makes for an ideal first choice for newcomers.

Playing strategically and following basic strategy can be highly profitable. By doing so, you’ll substantially boost your winnings.

Another advantageous aspect of blackjack is that you can wager on multiple hands simultaneously, increasing your chances for success.

You can use a blackjack app to help enhance your strategy. Intellifactor’s Coach is one popular option, boasting positive reviews across iOS and Android.

Craps is an ideal casino game to start if you’re looking for something simpler to learn. It has fast-paced action with favorable odds, yet can also prove intimidating when trying to play correctly.


Baccarat has been around for centuries, making it an excellent casino game to learn at first because its rules are straightforward and intuitive to comprehend. Baccarat boasts centuries-long traditions in terms of popularity, making it one of the best choices for newcomers due to its straightforward gameplay and uncomplicated rules.

When playing baccarat, you place bets on either the player or banker hand. After the dealer deals cards to both hands, it’s up to you to decide which one will come out on top.

The goal of the game is to get closer to nine than your opponent’s hand. If both hands finish in a tie, you will win eight times your bet.

Baccarat has a complex history, yet is fast becoming one of the world’s most beloved casino games. It even has James Bond playing it in several films!


Craps is one of the most beloved casino games and can be a lucrative source of income. However, it may prove intimidating for newcomers who lack patience and expertise; to master it properly requires both patience and skill.

Beginners should first practice on free online craps to gain a familiarity with the game before wagering with real money. After some rounds, they should feel confident enough to move up to higher stakes tables at an actual casino.

Beginners who want to minimize losses should opt for a bet unit size below the table minimum. This will help limit their losses and keep them on track when things aren’t going as planned.


Roulette is an ideal casino game for newcomers as there aren’t any complex rules and it relies primarily on chance. You can practice free roulette games online to get familiar with the gameplay before wagering with actual funds.

Video keno is an easy game to learn and play, plus it pays out generous amounts when you hit the correct number sequence.

Hit all seven spots and you could win up to 7,000-1!

In addition to roulette, there are many other games that make ideal beginner options. All have straightforward rules and a high likelihood of success.

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