May 25, 2024

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The Intriguing World of Casino Memorabilia

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Gamblers have long collected casino memorabilia since casinos first opened, as a hobby that helps preserve history. Now it has evolved into an avid passion that contributes significantly to preserving past gambling culture.

Starting your collection can be easy using online resources and local gaming exhibitions and antique events; amenity shops or thrift stores might even yield unexpected treasures!

Casino Collectables Association

Since casinos first opened their doors, people have taken an avid interest in collecting souvenirs of all things casino related – gaming table chips, slot machine tokens, dice, slot cards and playing cards as well as matchbooks, dinnerware swizzle sticks and post cards are just some of the items people collect as mementos from this pastime that has helped preserve our past. This practice eventually turned into a passion that helps preserve history while providing access to past times.

The 29th annual Casino Collectibles Association Show takes place this Thursday through Saturday at South Point Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. As the world’s largest exhibition for casino chips and related memorabilia, this unique show gives collectors an invaluable opportunity to purchase, trade or evaluate new pieces they find of interest.

The show offers educational seminars throughout each day and is an ideal venue for collectors to network, meet new industry peers and exchange knowledge. Oscar Lappalainen, CCA Life Member and senior sales associate at Spinettis Gaming Supplies in Las Vegas will lead an educational seminar discussing how the recent flood of “rare” chips that came onto the market has altered their market value.

Museum of Gaming History

The Museum of Gaming History, an educational project of the CCA, boasts an expansive and fascinating collection. Beyond casino chips, tokens and dice from around the world are on display here; their value varies between several dollars to several thousand depending on rarity and historical or sentimental importance.

The museum holds many unique pieces, such as a rare $5 chip from the Golden Goose casino which operated between 1975 and 1980 and which holds auction values exceeding $3,000. This chip is considered among the rarest casino chips known to exist and can fetch a premium at auctions.

Collectors can find items at various online resources, gaming exhibitions and antique events, amenity shops and thrift stores; also great sources for unique finds that could add depth to a collection. Furthermore, one may purchase pieces through various dealers in the industry – an established dealer may provide added assurance of authenticity when making such a purchase.

CCA Shows & Exhibits

CCA’s dynamic public programming brings art, architecture, design, writing and the world of ideas alive through exhibitions, lectures, symposiums events and workshops. CCA’s public programming supports classroom learning while offering new perspectives and ways to approach cultural topics and creative practice.

The 2023 Showcase celebrates the work of graduating students across CCA’s Architecture, Design, and Fine Arts Divisions. You can experience it all on Portal which also hosts special programming and events hosted across campus.

On March 3rd, the gallery will host a solo exhibit by artist Paul Hoovis, known for his captivating shots of Sanibel and Captiva scenery. Free and open to the public, this will provide an ideal chance to meet him as well as gain more insight into his creative process.

CCA Membership

No matter what you collect – chips, tokens, posters or Vegas strip collages – CCA provides resources and opportunities to help you start and expand your collection. Join today!

CCA membership grants access to our shows and exhibits, research papers, white papers and survey results, Speakers Bureau services as well as committee membership on programs, membership or website issues.

Becoming an Elite Business member gives your business the visibility it needs to reach potential customers while showing your support of the beef industry! Join CCA now as an Elite Business member and benefit from a listing, description and logo placement on its website as well as weekly emails sent out from CCA! It is an ideal way to reach new clients while showing that you believe in the beef industry!

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